“Many years ago I knew nothing of therapy. I worked in the film and TV industry, my life was busy and I was in demand. However I fuelled my lifestyle with a lot of unhealthy behaviour. When things got to crisis point, I knew it was time to change. It took several years but I slowly became better at healing rather than hurting myself. I was so inspired by the people who partnered me in my healing process, that I retrained and took professional qualifications so I could help others.

A large part of my life is now committed to working with severe trauma, however trauma comes in many shapes and sizes often developmental trauma can be what is holding us back. All my clients are different and we will explore and collaborate on the right treatment programme for you.“

My personal experience of overcoming addiction, illness and trauma, shows me that the desire to change is vital. I work with individuals and couples who have had enough of destructive patterns and sincerely want to change their life.

I can stand alongside you while you grow, but I cannot do the healing for you. Only you can do that. When we find the key we become the experts in our own healing. My job is to support and empower you until you feel confident to step out on your own. Although I often work open ended we will have regular reviews to check out that we are moving in the right direction.

Counselling at Alex House

Counselling and psychotherapy is a chance for you to explore your thoughts and emotions in a safe, confidential setting. It can address and resolve long-term problems, or help you cope with unexpected crisis. There is no one size fits all approach to therapy at Alex House. People decide to see a therapist for many different reasons, and all treatments are personalised to suit the individual client. I work collaboratively and we chose an agreed treatment plan with regular reviews.

Sensorimotor psychotherapy trauma & developmental

Clarksons 5 relationship psychotherapeutic model

12 step addiction treatment and Gorsky Relapse Prevention.

Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy based on a Yalom model of building on relationships, interpersonal skills and the instillation of hope.

Behavioural Systems Couple and Family Therapy

Looking at the relationship in the here & now supporting communication between couples.

Or maybe you simply need a place to be and to breathe - somewhere you will be listened to, not judged, and you can start to discern your own direction. Whatever you need, you will find it at Alex House.


Code of Ethics

Noola is a member of: British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP),

UK Association of Humanistic psychology Practitioners (UKAHPP) l am bound by its code of ethics and subject to its complaints procedures’

International Society for the study of dissociation (ISSTD); European Study Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD), Trauma & Abuse Group (TAG) & Ritual Abuse Information Network Support (RAINS)

Noola has professional insurance with Towergate.

Noola Delany