I am a warm, professional, intuitive, compassionate and collaborative: my approach is as humanistic as possible, non judgemental and empowering. My own experience of crisis and recovery has fired my passion to help others learn, grow, transform and transcend their personal difficulties.

My mission is to help people improve their emotional wellbeing, and empower them with the tools necessary to make the best of their lives. I have a wide client base that includes people for whom life has become too hard to manage and overwhelmed by their issues

I have helped others who have a temporary blip and just want help to get back on track.

Alongside my private practice I work for RAPt (Rehabilitation of Addicted Prisoners Trust) as a permanent part time addictions counsellor and have done so for the past nine years. This is the most rewarding work and I feel passionate about seeing men transcending their difficulties to start new lives.

As well as my private practice at Alex House - where I work alongside clients with a range of issues, from relationship problems, to eating disorders and drug and alcohol addiction –

I also practice as private psychotherapist within the NHS,

Here areas of specialty are:

  • Complex Trauma & Dissociative disorders
  • Relationship problems
  • Couples Counselling
  • Depression
  • Stress and Anxiety problems
  • Developmental trauma
Noola Delany