Noola Delany

nicepic of bogYou are very welcome to the Alex House website. At Alex House, you will find a safe, supportive and confidential environment, with an experienced, Counsellor & Psychotherapist.

  • Are you struggling with stress, depression, maybe relationship issues?
  • Stuck in patterns and habits that don't serve you as an adult?
  • Trapped by addiction and engaging in unsatisfying relationships, alcohol, drugs or food to fill the void you feel inside?
  • Unsatisfied or lost and maybe feel it’s time to confront what holds you back?
  • Maybe you just need someone to listen as you share issues in a safe space?
  • We also specialise in working with complex trauma and dissociative disorders.

Everyone struggles at some point in life, and it takes courage to take those first steps on a therapeutic journey. Happiness isn’t a given it takes time to uncover the layers of learnt behaviours that are stopping you finding your true self. Together we can help you build the life you want. Most life patterns are rooted in an internal belief system that stems from childhood. The person centred approach at Alex House looks at the whole person, and is rooted in the belief that everyone - if given the right tools - has the capacity to fulfil their true potential.

This website is designed to help decide if Alex House is the right place for you. There are also links to other organisations if you need more information about whether counselling or psychotherapy is the right next step. But please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want more information.