About Us …

Hamilton’s Meals, a family run business that has evolved alongside our town centre Café (Bowers Coffee Shop), have always specialised in home cooked meals.

We are regarded as a traditional, family, caterer. Our clientele has spanned several generations. We have watched families grow up, coming back to us time and again to enjoy our home cooking.

With over 14 years catering, food handling experience, and the correct qualifications; Hamilton’s Meals is a name you can trust. Doncaster Council Food Hygiene awarded Hamilton’s Meals 5* in their standards ratings.

We take notice of the changes happening around us, but the demand from our customers, the one thing that has remained constant, is the need for fresh home cooked meals.

We see that some of you are no longer able to come to us but you still want a fresh meal, so we will come to you. We believe we can offer an ‘at home’ alternative to frozen, regenerated, meals. We will deliver fresh hot meals, to your door, because we believe everyone should be able to enjoy fresh home cooking.